Back from a writing hiatus -- and loving it

Back from a writing hiatus -- and loving it

Sometimes taking a break renews your appreciation for working from home.

After taking a break from my freelance work over the summer, I'm finding that working from home is once again full of the simple joys I remember from early on, when I first started freelancing full time: laid-back mornings, spending my morning and early afternoon in front of the computer, making myself lunch or snacks or coffee whenever the mood hits me, being able to keep up on household tasks like doing laundry and having the time and flexibility to schedule pet appointments or ride my horse during the day.

Interestingly, whereas before the summer I was suffering from a bad case of procrastination, I'm now finding that I have more motivation than I did before.  I'm less distracted when I'm writing -- that's the biggest improvement, since time sinks such as Facebook have often stolen valuable time from my client work.  But I'm also more motivated: motivated to write, but also motivated to make the most of my time so that I don't feel guilty about taking breaks to do laundry or go for a trail ride.  Sometimes I've actually caught myself wishing I didn't have to work my part-time nanny job -- even though I love the family and don't want to leave them, right now I am missing having an entire day to write (not to mention more time to spend at the barn).

I was surprised to find how much taking the summer off has invigorated me.  Writing (for my clients, I mean) feels good again, and like a good way to earn money, instead of like pulling teeth or sweating blood -- as it had felt to me for a long time before summer started.  Perhaps that was part of why I sought out that part-time nanny job in the first place: I needed a break from writing.

Now that I've had my break and I'm feeling good about things again, where will I go from here?  The first step is to get some more client work again.  I don't know if I would want to voluntarily leave the family I nanny for, but since the older child is 10, I probably only have a limited about of years there anyway, and it would be good to be in a position to transition back into freelancing full-time when the time comes.