A Great, FREE Organizational App

A Great, FREE Organizational App

Repurpose this family organizational app to help you balance work vs. personal life.

Following a link from Barnes & Noble's Facebook page, today I downloaded the free Cozi Family Organizer app and started playing around.  I quickly realized that while this calendar, shopping list, and to-do list app is a powerful tool for busy families, it's also a perfect organizational tool for those who work at home.

The app's main feature is a calendar with color-coding for every member of your family, so that you can put everyone's events on the same calendar and still see who is doing what, and when.  Of course, the color-coding is also perfect to differentiate between work and personal appointments.

The app also features to-do lists that allow you to add, change, and rename your lists as necessary.  The lists use the same color-coding as the calendar, so you can easily keep different lists for work and your personal life.  Just like any functional to-do list app, you can check items off as you complete them.

Like the to-do lists, the shopping lists allow you to add, rename, and delete lists, as well as to check off items as you put them in your cart -- and, later, to delete all checked-off items.  I have a shopping list for work items (e.g., office supplies) and separate list for personal shopping.

The best thing about this app is that ALL of this will sync to different devices, and to your account on the website.  In other words, if you have separate smartphone for business and pleasure, or if you have, say, an iPhone and a Nook (like I do), you can sync your calendar and to-do lists between different devices without them having to even have the same operating system.

Of course, you do need an Internet connection (or a cell phone connection) in order to sync, but the app is also usable offline -- you just have to remember to sync everything as soon as you get a wifi connection again.

Despite the fact that it's designed for families, this is an awesome app for anyone who works at home -- and best yet, it's free!