The luxury of a morning to work

The luxury of a morning to work

Do you ever feel like having the time to actually get your work done is a luxury you don't enjoy often enough?

Today I had almost an entire morning all to myself.  Although I work from home part-time (I work as an after-school nanny in the afternoons), sometimes I feel as though other obligations frequently fill my mornings, until I have little or no time to get my work done.  The last couple of weeks have been some of the worst examples of this phenomenon.

Of course, it should have been -- and was -- expected that the holiday week would hijack my work time.  Not only was it Thanksgiving week, but my husband's 40th birthday was that Tuesday, so both of us took the day off to celebrate.  So that week was, for all intents and purposes, only a two-day week for me (Monday and Wednesday).

Then last week, my husband's alternator quit, and I had to take him back and forth to work most of the week until his car was fixed.  That takes a couple of hours out of my day, not to mention I find it harder to settle in and get work done when I've just arrived home from someplace (rather than waking up in the morning and sitting down at the computer with my coffee, as I usually do).

So waking up today and realizing that I had the entire morning and early afternoon ahead of me, waiting to be filled with whatever I wanted to fill it with, was a very nice feeling.  The day also felt like it crept by slowly, giving me plenty of time to get done what I wanted to do, which was a nice feeling -- other days, I feel like the minutes are slipping through my fingers like water, and I'm struggling to get anything done before I run out of time.

Having a day like this made me realize how important it is -- for my work and for my peace of mind -- to have more days like this.  I think from now on I need to make a firm commitment to resisting anyone's (or anything's) efforts to hijack my days with other obligations!

What about you?  How do you make sure that other people or responsibilities don't take over your time when you work from home?