When to revise your goals and expectations

When to revise your goals and expectations

Whether you are too busy or not busy enough, it might be time to reconsider your current game plan.

Going into summer, I knew I was going to be quite busy, especially in June.  So I intentionally backed off a bit on my freelance work.  As a result, I have much less than normal, but I'm hoping that it will make it easier to keep up on what I do have.

Knowing how to manage your schedule and workload, and when it's time to revise your goals and expectations, is one of the major skills you need to have to successfully work from home, especially if you are running your own business.  Some people who work at home devote themselves to their job full time, but many others, like me, have other responsibilities: other jobs outside the home, kids, volunteer work, homemaking and so on.  Therefore it's important to be able to assess how much time you have, or are going to have during a certain period (such as summer or over the winter holidays), and plan your work schedule accordingly.

For example, I work outside the home as an after-school nanny.  Since it is now summer and the kids are out of school, I am working extra hours -- about double the hours, actually.  That means a good amount more money from that job, but it also means less time (and therefore less money) for my freelance work.  I knew in advance that this would be the case, so I did less marketing and asked my regular clients for less work.  My freelance work load is now rather on the light side -- just the way I wanted it.  As fall approaches, I'll start marketing a little more and approach my clients about getting some more work, and hopefully be able to increase my freelance workload (and income) around the same time the kids go back to school.

What about you? Do you sometimes find that your workload is too heavy -- or too light -- and you need to take steps to make it more appropriate for the time you have available to spend on it?