Working at home is a balancing act

Working at home is a balancing act

Separating work from household chores

Most people who have worked from home, especially those who have run their own business from home, know what I mean when I say that it is a balancing act.  No matter how good our intentions of keeping work and home life separate from one another, working in the home links the two.  It's hard to work from your home and not think about the dogs that need to be fed or go outside, the laundry or cleaning that needs to be done, the errands that need to be run.

Some people who work at home solve the problem by creating a home office for themselves where home life is simply not allowed to enter.  Others let their home life dictate their hours and simply work when they can manage to fit it in.  Personally, I think neither approach is ideal.  You cannot succeed at work from home while you are trying to ignore either the work or the home.  Balancing the two is the best option.

But how to balance the two so that you don't sacrifice either -- particularly your work?  It's not always easy, and I am far from an expert.  There are days where I get sucked into laundry or running errands or vet appointments for the pets, and don't get anything done as I'd planned.  And then there are other days where laundry and dishes pile up, the dogs don't get fed on time, and I forget to even take a shower because I'm so busy working on some project or another.

But the days I usually end up feeling the best about are the ones where I successfully balance the needs of my job and the needs of my household.  I've found that interspersing my work day with breaks to do things like fix myself lunch, do the laundry, and feed or walk the dogs is a good way to get things done on both fronts.

What about you?  How do you balance work and home when you work from home?